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Are Privacy Policies, FAQs and Terms of Service Required by Law for Websites?

Terms of Service (ToS) and FAQs are not required, but Privacy Policies are. ToS are intended to protect your customers’ privacy, reduce your exposure to liability, shield your intellectual property, inform about limitations and warranties, and disclose conflict resolution procedures. You need ToS that are specifically tailored to your business so the use of an online boilerplate provider is not recommended. Having a FAQ section on your site an easy way for companies to communicate answers to questions that often show up in their customer service inbox.

As I mentioned, Privacy Policies are legally required. Thus, you must execute and enforce your Privacy Policy in order to protect customer information. The privacy statement needs to specify how you’re going to protect the privacy of a customer’s data (including information stored in data logs), and how you will respond in the event of a breach of security. A failure to adhere to your Privacy Policy can open your business up to damaging legal liability.

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