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Introducing Launched. By LawTrades


About Launched.


Early stage startups have it tough. Hands-on help with legal documents and affairs is what most new companies need, but often don't have the resources to tackle.

LawTrades was created to reduce the barrier of entry for entrepreneurs to launch new companies. Many of our early users have gone on to join prestigious accelerators, raise serious funding, and scale their operations. Now all that value is available to even the most bootstrapped companies with Launched by LawTrades.

We’re proud announce a new pilot program that will help startups streamline the due diligence process by offering $1,000 in free legal services to produce a clean cap table, solid organization, and great operating contracts.

Join the program by applying below.


You need to make your company fundable–and we have the resources to help you do it.


If accepted, you'll gain access to :


  • $1,000 in free legal services to spend on making your company formation.

  • Access to our exclusive batch of seasoned Silicon Valley Attorneys.

  • Up to one legal strategy session per quarter to ensure your company is in good standing.

  • LawTrades essential business operations agreements.

  • On going support from a dedicated LawTrades legal assistant.

  • Access our private community of investors, founders, and partners.



A note from our founder


"LawTrades was started with a defiant spirit and an ambitious objective: to offer the highest quality legal service at an unprecedented price, while leading the way for a new self-directed work model for attorneys.

Every opportunity starts with a problem. Ours was simple: law firms were too expensive and slow. We were law students when we realized there should be a less expensive alternative to law firms and more work flexibility for attorneys. The rest of us had similar experiences whenever a legal issue arose, and we were amazed at how hard it was to find the right lawyer that didn’t leave our wallets empty. Where were the solutions? By circumventing traditional ideologies, embracing the power of technology, and engaging with customers directly, we are able to provide higher quality legal services with stronger retention, at a fraction of the price of traditional law firms. We started LawTrades to build something different."


-Raad Ahmed CEO & Founder at LawTrades