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Can I Use a Free Privacy Policy Online to Create My Website Privacy Policy?

You'd be much wiser to hire an attorney instead. An attorney can steer you in the right direction regarding the most appropriate privacy policy for your website. I know this is the last thing a startup wants to hear, but having a lawyer on board early on can really help you out and save you a ton of time and money in the long run. Plus legal services are affordable now (read more about that in the last paragraph)!

It’s probably tempting to search for and use a free privacy policy, but I have seem more harm than good come from these. What ends up happening is an important clause particular to your industry or business is not included in the free policy you found online. Conversely, because generated documents are essentially a “blanket” document and contain a lot of information that does not pertain to your business, your users can become quite confused from the superfluous agreement.

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