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What Is the Legal Documentation Needed to Start a Web Startup?

- You'll want to form your business. Either an LLC, C Corp or S Corp for most web startups.

- Get your post incorporation documents in order if you ever plan on taking investors and/or hiring people. This includes stuff like bylaws, initial board consent, restricted stock purchase agreement, confidential information and assignment agreements etc.

- Decide whether you want to trademark your company name. 

- Create a founders agreement if you plan on bringing or currently have co founders.

- Figure out whether you want to file a provisional patent if you believe your software is truly unique.


- If you plan on raising money from investors, decide whether you'll do a convertible note or equity round. If convertible note, you'll want an attorney to draft up a convertible promissory note, note purchase agreement, and board consent.

Can You Have the Same Trademark Name as Another Company If It's in Another Industry?

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