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How Do We Raise 50-100k into a Convertible Note for Our Startup to Help Launch Our Pre-Order Campaign for 10,000+ Waiting Customers?

Have you raised a friends and family round yet? $50-$100k seems to be the sweet spot for raising it from people you know. You'll be able to close the round much more quickly especially if you execute a convertible note. 

If you want to raise from Angels, micro VCs etc... You might want to sign up for (if you haven't already). Your goal with this is to be a "trending startup" (get extra exposure from investors) or be part of a syndicate--which allows investors to co-invest with your company with other notable investors. You can collect many small investments without having to put each one on the cap table (less meetings too!). 

Experienced startup lawyers who have practiced within your industry are good places to look for warm intro's to investors as well. 

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