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Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer When Incorporating a Startup? Why Is It So Expensive?

Incorporating your business in the early months is absolutely vital to protect your personal assets from any liability of the tech startup. Your choice in which corporate structure you go with will shape the amount of taxes you pay and the paperwork you have to deal with. So it’s a pretty important decision and once that should be carefully considered. Anyone call pull up boilerplate documents and fill them out, but ONLY an experience startup attorney can customize them and tailor them to your startup’s specific legal needs. Also, an experience startup attorney will advise you on which business structure best fits your startup’s business model. 

The price an attorney charges for drafting the documents needed for incorporation depends on whether they are a solo/in a small firm, or in a large firm (where the same work is done by associates, usually attorneys with only a few years of experience under their belt).

If you are considering incorporating your business, your best bet is to hire a lawyer. A startup lawyer in your area should be familiar with the laws of your state and well-versed in the incorporation process. 

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