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Which NYC Newspaper Is the Cheapest to Publish LLC Legal Notices In?

Please do not make the mistake of thinking you can publish in any newspaper. Call the county clerk where the LLC’s principal place of business is located and ask them for a list of designated newspapers.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to call around to obtain the best rates. Rates will vary. Try calling more obscure, lower circulation newspapers that are on your approved list. While many people publish their LLC notices in more mainstream NYC newspapers, which is costly, you can save some sizable pocket change by calling lesser known designated newspapers for their classified rates.

If you are publishing in Manhattan, the New York Law Journal is one of the designated papers, but you’ll need to call the clerk to get the names of other acceptable publications. If you are publishing your notice in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx or Staten Island, then you’ll need to call the clerk to get the names of their designated newspapers.

Remember also that you need one weekly and one daily. Again, aim for designated publications with lower circulations. Hope this helps!

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